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In the early 1990’s computers were emerging as way to store all the data related to organizations (Small, Medium, Bigger). At those times many applications were using mainframes to store the organizations information which was a difficult way to store and report on the data. It had lot of limitations, the interface were not user friendly and many draw backs on its development, maintenance and use. As PC’s were getting into every organizations there was a rush for 4th generation languages. As the different companies were working on it, emerged a star product PowerBuilder from Powersoft which took the market as a storm for its Rapid development design, easy application programming, maintenance and user friendly interface design via the product. The organizations data manipulation and reporting was handled by the product very nicely. Powersoft became the leader with lot of clients using it for the application development needs. Powersoft was later acquired by Sybase and then by SAP and now Appeon. Currently there are big applications which have been developed and needed enhancements and maintenance. The relational database in 1990 were not that many. As the Technology was getting matured and emerging recognized relational databases like DB2 by IBM, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server and others came into existence. Out of which Oracle emerged as the corporate choice to handle huge data accumulated by organizations. I want to stop here to explain more about Other Application software’s and databases. But it is very interesting topic to speak about, which i Iove to have.


In the late 1990’s Ranjith got of college as freshman with Computer Science degree and was looking for what best he can do with himself. He started the programming from DOS and BASIC language from high school. And then later on learned and worked from 2nd generation language ( Assembly Language for Microprocessors) for his bachelor’s projects. He did much of the learning and intern projects in C, Pascal, FORTRAN and COBOL. Him being a computer science student right from the high school got latched on to computer programming. And considered the opportunity as directed by his mentors into programming. As a programmer became a part of growing company to built a Treasury product with bankers for prestigious banks in India. And since then he has been working with the various clients doing Application Development, Maintenance and Enhancements.


He has vast diversity of experience of over 2 decades working with different clients in various domains ( Financial services, US Government, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Transportation, Telecommunication, Media and IT services). A person with Strong communication, presentation, negotiation, verbal, analytical and problem-solving skills with entrepreneurial leanings. A self starter and fast learner with very little directions. A keen and inquisitive IT service industry / technology follower, always in touch with the current technology developments/trends related to software and hardware of computing devices.


Extensively worked in PowerBuilder (V3- 2017 R2) with PFC’s, Oracle (V7 - 11GR2) Database & PL/SQL, MS SQL server 2000-2012 & T-SQL. Designed/Developed/supported many applications as well as Designed & scripted many databases and it’s Database objects (Functions,Triggers, Procedures, Packages..). Have a very good understanding of OOP’s Concepts and used it extensively. And a very good experience with multi-tier architectures.


As different clients follow different process for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), got exposed to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3-5 environment & have comprehensive knowledge of full project life cycle using well defined Traditional Waterfall, SCRUM, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile Extreme Programming methodologies. Have good exposure to complex team organisation, be it offshore team, in house team, heterogeneous teams, matrix organisation etc. In the process always ready to work closely with Development, Database Administrator’s (DBA), Business Analyst’s (BA), Quality, Production Support and IT Infrastructure teams.


Extensively worked in Migrations, reverse engineering, configuring and managing the PowerBuilder apps using Oracle & MS SQL Server databases with ER tools (PowerDesigner being one of them). Analysing the application for performance and tuning them, setting up & managing production/testing/development environments.

Have worked on multiple Source control Management system to configure, maintain the Application source code used at various clients. Used MS Team Foundation Server (TFS), Tortoise SVN, Star Team (V5.3) and others for maintaining PowerBuilder, Database and other system’s source code. Have been part of the Build & Deployment process of the applications for various releases.

As a Production Support personnel worked on the production Maintenance at different clients. Have used IT Service Now Tickets Management, Jira Ticket Tracking System, Remedy, Axosoft and others. Coordinated the work with various team personnel’s and Business users to resolve them accordingly as per the SLA’s & client needs.


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