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Thinking Rubha

Software Development and Management

Continued . . .

1. Positivity in life is constant struggle...

Keeping Positivity is constant struggle in life.

They see your resume, you see your accomplishments.

They see your successes, you see all your hard work.

You know how much you struggled, how much you cared, how far you have come.

Choose people who choose you, who value you, who believe in you.

Life is too short for anything else.

It always seems impossible until it is done!
If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

Every problem has its solution; it is born with it.
With proper technic, ideas, persistent, Never give up attitude you can achieve it.
Also just imagine how the problem was created on the first place, Whether it happened or have been simulated/created ?

And lot more ways to think through the problems and its solutions in our job and day to day life.

2. Remote workers vs Office workers. Different challenges on development, maintenance


There is lot going on in world of multiple year contracts, short term contracts, IT Staffing, Staffing for the projects, Full time Employment, which are signed by the company for IT Services. Need to understand the dynamics of the company which you will never know immediately, it will take a long time before you understand and experience it.

Lot of meetings in the corporate world.

I assume each one of you have so many things to explain about meetings.

3. Successful VS Unsuccessful People

Need to understand with what kind of Managers or colleagues we are working with.


4. Management and Employees


•    Your most important assets aren’t your clients; its your loyal employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.

•    Successful manager is the one whose people are succeeding because they get support, encouragement, inspiration, the big picture, and most importantly, TRUST.

•    Micromanagement is a complete waste of everybody’s time. It stresses the life of employees, fosters anxiety, fear and creates a high stressful work environment. Select the right people and give them room to get on with the job with minimal status checks on milestones of tasks.



•    Inability or inaptitude in retaining top talent. Many bosses have this attitude that anyone is replaceable easily like gloves, that they can hire someone even better. They are fooling themselves, and do disservice to their company.

•    A good employee has knowledge and Experience of systems , products and processes. When you lose a good employee, you lose part of your culture. You lose part of your company. And you may lose your own future. Always need to fix a Toxic Culture Without Firing People.

•    Management, Employees need to check and understand why the employee is getting fired. It is very important because tomorrow they as a company might go through lot of things later on down the road. And they might be in the same boat as well.


5. Managing the Stress while in the JOB


Managing Stress in the Job is very important.

It is one of the big deal breaker

It is a constant struggle for many of them.

Figure out ways to handle it while in Job.

6. Keep in Mind the Computer Evolution Since 1990’s to Current

It is important to always keep in mind the evolution of the computing device and keep on updating on what’s happening in the technologies – Hardware, Software on all the computing devices.

Always questioning and understanding things and how they are all connected to each other in our day to day Life.

(Some of my own pieces of hardware which i broke into below)

Check out some Interesting Videos on Youtube, to remind as about the past.

7. Something about Leadership


8. Technology Domains – Areas of Use in Real World

There is no place in business where technology has not reached it. Like how Finance is part of every business. Some pictures explain this domains. Need to understand the use of software and hardware in those domains by keeping the business analysis, workflow and its working in mind.


Every Business has set of Policies& Rules which it works with. Each one of them has there regulators, Compliance's which they need to meet with.

All this is done by having good Principles of Ethics, Honesty and Integrity.


9. Time cannot be bought

Time Time Time...

The more we empathize on it , it is much better. Delegating and trusting on people is also very important

10. JOB, JOB, JOB's........

American Jobs: People are very conservative about the jobs. They are fighting in every different way to keep up their life, Jobs and to get the new jobs. Need to understand not just the Technical Professional Jobs there are so many other jobs and the idea about jobs in every person’s head. These is when we go out for work.

US Immigration System.

Visa process for legitimate people coming into the country.

And there are other people coming here without following any process.

Need to keep this in mind.

Do not judge people with what kind of necessity there are in. Also keep in mind what ways they use to take care of themselves. Job’s Job’s Job’s…..

There is one more video I am looking for …

where things are not straight forward, there are lot of ways/Strategies used in the Job world and in the GLOBAL Corporate world just because of Job’s…

Watch out People…

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